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November 2022 Meeting Agenda

This is the last meeting before the holiday season. We look forward to a robust discussion in the Open Discussion, PD Corner and Brains Trust segments.


PD Corner

Systematic reviews: How confident are we?

This is first up in the agenda…some discussion questions to get you thinking:

  • What level of involvement do you have in SRs?

  • Are you expected to work individually on SRs or part of a team?

  • Do you feel you receive enough training?

  • Any training/PD recommendations?

HLA Conference Round Up

This CoP happens to be week after the HLA conference.

  • If you were at the conference: Be ready to share your standout moments and learning points.

  • If you were not there: This is a great opportunity to get a roundup of the event and find about topical issues.

Ask the Brains Trust

How does your library approach Social Media on a daily basis?

We seem to talk about SM a lot…but how are we engaging with it on an everyday basis in our hospital libraries? Possible discussion points

  • What platforms do you use?

  • How do you approach content development?

  • Is it working?

Open Discussion/ Housekeeping

Use this time to make any announcements or raise an especially topical issue.

If you have a discussion point or would like to host a section please get in touch at

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