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Inaugural meeting - Feb 2022

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Thank you to everyone who attended the inaugural meeting of the Hospital Librarians’ Community of Practice (CoP) on 24th February. There were 42 of us in total – a fantastic turnout!

At of our first meeting on 24th February, we:

  • Started off with introductions and met colleagues from all around Australia

  • Discussed housekeeping issues and a possible loose structure for our meetings, comprised of the following elements:

  • PD Corner – an opportunity to share what you have learned from a recent PD session, or spread the word about an upcoming session that you think would be relevant to the group.

  • Ask the Brains Trust – troubleshooting issues relating to hospital libraries, career development, or the industry more generally.

  • Open Discussion – current issues e.g. an industry trend, or something else that is interesting/relevant/topical for our group.

  • Guest Speaker – a 15 to 30-minute presentation on a topic of interest. The speaker could be a CoP member or someone external (e.g. a vendor, a clinician from your hospital, an overseas colleague, someone else from your team).

  • Voted on:

  • Recording our meetings – 90% of us would only like our meetings to be recorded when we have a special presentation or guest speaker. Members or guests can nonetheless request that content not be recorded or shared.

  • Creating an online space for collaboration and sharing in between CoP meetings – 84% of us were interested in this.

  • Outlined a rough timeline for the rest of 2022, finishing with our final meeting in December.

  • Provided the CoP contact email address: Note: we are aware that Gmail messages are blocked by some health services, and so we will continue to communicate primarily via our personal work addresses (see below).

Our next meeting will be on 5th May 2022, from 2:30pm – 3:30pm AEST. We will send out a Teams invitation shortly. As mentioned during our first meeting, we will also email out a draft terms of reference and invite feedback prior to the next meeting.

Until next time, have a think about the following:

  • What would you like us to discuss as a group in May? Send in your discussion points before we distribute the agenda in April (we will also send out a final call when we distribute the draft terms of reference).

  • Would you like to be more involved in the CoP? Please do get in touch! We welcome any extra pairs of hands for e.g. taking brief notes at meetings or exploring the best platform for our online space.

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